The Willow Tree Cafe was established on the edge of Saltaire village in 2017. The cafe serves a superb vegan menu of classics and favourites with a twist. The owner Stacey Farrar is a local to the area and has previously worked in catering and front of house for many years. Stacey became vegan a few years ago and haven’t looked back. However, having cooked, prepared and served a lot of “pub classics” over the years, she was convinced they could do this vegan style, and offer something completely different to a traditional vegan menu.

Initially based at The Cellar Trust on Farfield Road, and open at weekends only, the popularity grew quickly and most days saw the menu selling out. Some days people were having to be turned away and asked to come back the following week. Typically the following week would also see new dishes added to the menu. While there are definitely now some Willow Tree “favourites”, there will always be new and interesting culinary experiments to try.